Push this game now, or you lose


Hexor, when the game released we played with 7000 players. We had 50 players per match filling a server within a minute. At that time I already posted a message on this forum about increasing the player count to 75 or even 100 and that it would be better using whole map and not indicating the safe zone while still dropping in the air. So people would spread out on the whole map before the first safe zone would be announced. I think it would have helped to keep more players in the game because even with that 50 players most were dead within a minute leaving only 15 to 20 players alive during the rest of the match.

At this moment it has no point anymore to increase the player count indeed. Only when more players buy the game again or play it in free weekends for example. Then the servers will be full again. And only then it’s possible and making sense to increase the player count per match if they are ever intending to do so.


I dont think increasing the player limit per match would have helped at that point because the loot hot spots would have still attracted most of the players to 3-4 drop locations.

Its been tuned since then but still needs alot more work to assure players just dont drop into the same 3-4 locations and over half of that games players get wiped out within the first 3 minutes.


As much as I love this game, it died just as I predicted.

BLOPS4 Blackout is basically IoN but far more refinded and polished. It’s exactly what I feared that would hit IoN at it’s core. The Devs here didn’t listen, flopped any kind of meaningful marketing, never got an established base for player retention, and now…sadly…it’s just too late.

What does IoN need to survive? Well it’s going to be incredibly difficult but not impossible. Just keep in mind being “early access” is not saving face, and expecting players to return on launch of V1.0 isn’t going to happen without a huge effort.

This is what it needs to do…listen and potentially survive, don’t and may as well just fold now and save whatever cash you have laying around.

  1. Mass marketing tied in with a free-to-play week (not weekend, a full week or more).
    —1b) Alternatively, along with a good marketing campaign, go free-to-play with a supporter purchase option with bonus skins, etc. Just keep special bonuses from those that did play unique. Make sure those that did pay get enough goodies not to be too pissed about it going F2P

  2. Make the map more dynamic. Very simple, more unique structures, doors that open and close, windows that shatter, just basics that make the map feel more organic.

  3. Map flipping. A very simple way to add just a little more dynamics to the game. Flip the map, meaning North to South, East to West, and do it random. It would have a bigger effect than you think. Every match it’s random. Standard, N to S, E to W, or both. (think reverse castle in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

  4. Plasma strikes. Like the bombing runs in PUBG with a lot more hurt. An area gets a warning, players have to GTFO or die. That area then becomes uninhabitable for the rest of the round. (or lingering effects that fade over time)

  5. Do it on or before the 1st week of October. Yea, I know this is quite the tall order, but if you don’t make a huge effort to get a player base before BLOPS4 comes out…well…chances of a comeback are near zero.

Biggest key is the playerbase and player retention. As I stated before, Early Access doesn’t matter. Don’t hide under that umbrella of ignorance.

Now do I expect any of that to happen? Realistically, no. I’m just a pleeb with a business marketing degree talking to a small dev studio that, on the surface, seems to think they have a handle on things. The game dynamics I mentioned are just ideas, but the marketing and retention aspect is the most key.

So put it this way, if you’re spending money on servers, and nobody is buying the game…Instead of wasting those funds go F2P and market the hell out of it to get people in. (assuming you’re not using a dynamic scale-able cloud system according to need and cost)


and your business marketing degree allows you to predict wether a game is going to be played or not, i laught my ass off.

if the game is better than Blackout, and i have no doubts it will be, people will come. only becasue it doenst aim at the its always possible to do a bit marketing.

and as far as i understood they use dynamic servers, that means they only pay for the amount of players playing (low players low cost) therefor f2p is not necessary.

the game is not finished yet and the dev follow a long term strategy, which shouldnt be overthrown for a game that aims for another (casual) audience.
yes, blackout now uses ballistics - wow - but from what i have seen, its still the old casual cod style.

Early Access is Early Access, theres no hiding behind it. Players have to understand what EA means. Devs dont have to knee in front of the players all the time.
this is no consolegame, but a true PC game - one ought to expect some technical knowledge.

I would also like the game to be pushed now, but it simply makes no sence when the game is not finished yet, and it will take time to finish the rest, theres simply no possibilitie (hiring a massiv staff is no option).

Despite the problems i think that IoN has a bright future. Devs are skillfull and tenacious, this will pay out in the future.
The game serves a special kind of players, they will play the game.
Dont let you drive bananas, many people wait for a game like this.


Actually it does allow me to predict. Patterns, statistics, target market, etc., and I’m far more often correct than not.

I hope I’m wrong here. I want to be wrong. But everything I see leads down a dark alley. This game got mugged.


i’m just sad, i cannot play such a great game :disappointed_relieved:


As another posted in a separate thread, Blackout really has it down. When the beta ended I wanted to keep playing, and IoN is the closest to it. Then realized not enough people are playing to even fill one game.

Wonder how hard it would be to do a short free weekend campaign. Have a free weekend, Fri / Sat / Sun, and offer a special skin or 2 as “loyalty rewards” for current owners, but anyone who buys the game at the same time gets them as well. Of course people have to play during the weekend in order to get the reward, and not just login and get it, they have to play like an hour minimum to get it.

Oh, as for an off-topic suggestion, I’ve noticed some streamers are able to switch from a red-dot to an ACOG mid aim, no delay or anything. That’s…well…really cheap and dumb. If you’re going to switch scopes, there has to be some down-time, be it just opening the inventory to swap. Being able to hot-key that almost feels like a cheat and I’ll bet most don’t even know how to do it.

I would always run with one short / mid range weapon, one long, and a shotty. Being able to just hot-key around any need for that…well it’s just a “zoom” button at that point. Not cool.


That hot key is a feature that a lot of people like. It is,by default, bound to F1,F2 and F3.


What on earth are you writing??

80% of streamers are cheating? Pointing out TTK and headshots need work cause of cheaters? Have you ever considered that people might just be good at hitting headshots?

I have NEVER died in a suspicious way in this game, and I was top50 wth hundreds of matches. Hitting headshots all over the place. Guess I’m cheating too?

TTK is perfect, just not for people that like to blame their poor skill on everything else.

You are also claiming shroud cheats but not drdisrespect. Makes no sense, as one of the two have been to LAN and performed in the top of the world. Shroud.

Jesus christ step out of your bubble.


A little research and knowledge is all it takes to know. Won’t debate you as there is no debate. Either you believe it or not, doesn’t matter to me, but a little research goes a long way. (and yes, players often cheat at LAN tournaments, CS:GO was plagued with it, maybe not super recent, but it certainly was)


Theirs no research supporting shrouds a cheater lol.

Just speculation from petty gamers in denial.


The VAC ban on CS:GO I guess is just an illusion then.


I’m keeping my fingers crossed with this game and hoping it picks up, I have still got this game installed and a couple of other lads I know, so fingers crossed the Dev’s do what they need to do and get this game rocking again.