Question on changing crosshair design


Hello! so i was looking at the videos of gameplay and i noticed something interesting, or at least it is to me.

the first bit of this video involving the sniper, the ADS cross hair i feel is pretty large and takes up a lot of space when it comes to seeing things within the scope.

Is there a way to change that to perhaps a smaller one pre designed by yall of course, though custom community ones would be interesting but besides the point. or perhaps a way to lower the opacity so it’s not blocking so much potential information?

**On a side note for the forums, does everyone have the ability to do the “official announcements” option? because i feel that should be mostly for devs or certain trusted people within the forums as i’m sure most people would expect something of that nature to be from a dev.


I think it has been mentioned vaguely by a forum user before but I think this request/idea is important. The developers mention CSGO in the trailer and I think if you’re looking to appeal to that crowd, including most “serious” fps gamers, being able to change your crosshair and maybe even a humble little weapon fov slider would please a LOT of people. As someone who has played many different fps games, I hear this all the time. “Oh I wish I could adjust the weapon fov, it takes up so much space on my screen, I can’t see enough.” And I feel the same way too.

Hope someone sees this thread. :+1:


I hope so as well xP

Yeah it has become a fairly frequent option to be in most FPS based games, and honestly from a game like H1Z1/PUBG where you can adjust it towards your personal preference i feel people would not enjoy the less customization.
as it does as a different variety of play and uniqueness to each player.


The beautiful thing about IoN is the story behind the game. It isn’t completely about present day realism, it’s an alien bloodsport entertainment. So they can really do whatever they want. And that can mean (if they choose) allowing players to customize it however they want. Custom crosshairs, reticles, headgears, outfits, shield designs, weapon skins. It’s honestly limitless because it’s their story.

Games like Escape from Tarkov and Pubg can’t do that to the same extent because it doesn’t fit their story.


Without a doubt the background will add some nice design ideas and creativity too the game.
But unless it has a single player format the game will still have to have those base battle royal mechanics, and honestly for a simple thing as an opacity option or pre designed cross hairs to choose from i think would benefit greatly compared to not having them.