Randomly ordered suggestions


Suggestion: remove the ADS movement speed bonus when upgrading weapons. This feature messes with muscle memory and is actually not needed.

Suggestion: move the Scrap All button further away from the top item in the inventory list… in the heat of the game, i and my team mate have scrapped all by accident, including nanos and weapons that we actually needed

Suggestion: muzzle speed bonus is also not necessary, because this messes with muscle memory / learned skill

Suggestion: Rate of fire increase bonus would also affect spray pattern memory?

Suggestion: reduce the HP of the shield by at least 1 bullet. far too difficult to kill 1 fully shielded enemy and also kill another with 1 mag. almost impossible. I guess the shield increases the BTK by 2x?

Suggestion: add a video render scale slider for a figure between 100 and 150%… 110% is nice but no slider. 150% is too hard for me to run with good frames (GTX 970 + 4690k @4.5Ghz)

Suggestion: lock mouse curser to game screen when in inventory. many times does my mouse get thrown off the my second monitor when in the inventory menu. (this is still happens in fullscreen)

Suggestion: full explanation by Devs on how Distance skew works. Battlefield games have Universal Soldier Aiming option which i think is similar to distance skew. however, the BF default is set to 133% and the ION is set to 100%. would be nice to know if they are based on the same math, in which case it is advised to set the Distance skew to 133%. conversely, if this is a different set of math calculations, then 100% is best. I just want to know if USA and Distance skew is the same

Suggestion: info regarding the state of marketable and tradable items. many people have invested in skins and fairly, want to know when they become marketable / tradeable again.

Suggestion: for the next tournament, info such as ‘you need to be in the ESL discord inside the announcents chat’ needs to be on the main tournamnet page. Whatever it is that is needed for players to play, needs to be ON ONE PAGE of whatever website you post it. Having info in 2 discords, 1 esl page, main website is not efficient and confusing for many

Suggestion: seperate the shield protection from the head hitbox. The helmet should be the only head protection, and therefore, shooting the head should destroy the helmet and not the shield.


Hey Mako,

Thank you for the suggestions, i’ll be sure to pass them along.


thanks for the reply, Ooey. Hope some ideas help in whatever way possible :smiley:


nvm, I agree.