Refund request


Hey, so i have waited for 1 month, but support hasnt replied me yet. Can i get my refund pls? This is my account link :
Proof, that i have IoN :


Hey eboleN,

Did you use the email address? The support email changed at some point during February.


Sorry to see you go :sob:


Yeah, i contacted them 2 days ago. Still no answer :slight_smile:


Damn, still haven’t played and people are already refunding the game.

Can I ask what’s wrong with it?


I’ve played this game for <2hours. I dont like futuristic games, sadly ;(


That’s too bad. I kind of like where they’re at with it so far, i.e. human weapons like the AK and M4.

Pretty excited to see where they go with it though. I think the whole sci-fi aspect to it let’s them play with the possibility of alien weapons, levels, vehicles, and/or skins.


I don’t hope for vehicles but alien stuff could be dank


well, i like more realistic games.


3 days have gone by and support just doesnt care. cool :laughing:


They’ll get to your e-mail eventually. Sadly, I have no control over it on my end. The store faq also says there are no refunds but you will have to wait for their response on whether they push it through or not.


they say clearly you cant refund it atm…you could refund it when will be out on steam in early access without play the game…so you wait until you get the game in steam in early access so you can refund it…and something else dont preorder games when you are not clear about the game …is your choice to help the devs improve it and you accept the FAQ