Render Scale bug and awful lag with patch 1.4 please help


Got the new patch today thought i’d try a round or two having not played in a while, pre game deathmatch ran fine a slight lag on initial spawn but nothing too bad.

So round starts drop in ok, then I can barely move have to drag my mouse over my mouse mat 3 times just to turn 90 degrees, of course i die very quickly.

Checked my graphic setting and accidentally put my render scale to 25% and now it will not change back not matter what I do, tried restarting the game, editing the ini file and setting the render scale to 100 and nothing, so I’m stuck with a game that now looks like wolfenstein 3D, a little amusing but very frustrating


Edit : Having your xbox contoller plugged in sends Ion crazy :joy:


Did you get it fixed? If not, try deleting your saved folder while the game is completely closed:



Lol yes unplugged my xbox controller, right analog stick was stuck slightly forward, so it was bugging my menus out :laughing: