[Revamp] Weapon Progression + Fast Game Play (edit includes scrap adjustment)


Disclaimer: My Photoshop skills are weak but I think I did enough to get the point across.

  • [x] kills achieved, “Upgrade Available” notification appears, manually trigger upgrade animation to avoid issues mid-battle.

  • Attachment warps in similar to knife. It brings weapon progression and fast-paced game play hand-in-hand.

  • If you made it to a further upgrade milestone, example 5-kills and you did not upgrade your gun already from the previous milestone(s), 2-kill 1-Kill Red Dot scope, when you press ‘ctrl+x’ keybind you receive both upgrade attachments at the same time.

  • This promotes gun-play, stronger kill-sprees, the need to hunt the entire match.

If you like this concept, hit that heart at the bottom and/or leave a comment with your thoughts. :muscle:


If this version of weapon progress is implemented then I suggest keeping the old scraping system in the game with the following points:

  • Rename “Scrap” to “Quintessence” or “Q-Points”.
  • Only scrap weapons, turn them into Quintessence.
  • Q-Points, or Quintessence is spent on improving the more physical perks; reload speed (hand speed), shield recharge speed, silent footsteps, slight increase in sprint speed.


yoyo i like the idea for shortcut and notification about the upgrade, however i think having the animation is delaying using it and adds uneccessary wait time. looks good tho



the animation speed would totally be up to the Devs. Animations can be shortened/sped up so they can make it so it doesn’t last too long if needed.

Any sort of wait time was the reason for the keybind in the first place, but it also creates a bit of decision making as to when the right time to pop off the weapon level when enemies are around.

Edit: Key part is that it is actually faster to do this way than to run around looting and scraping. So a short animation is fine since the system itself encourages fights is good.

Nanos, ammo, grenades, weapons, helmets. This is really all that needs to be picked up. In fact, I think ammo should be auto-looted as well as everything else listed is looted normally.

Don’t worry so much about less lootable items either. Once the game finds it’s footings the Devs will be introducing new weapons, new grenades, new gadget-like items to loot up.

This will all work out in the long run.


They could add animation that cancels if you start using the weapon. This means that if you get a kill, and then run casually around it would animate for 1-2 seconds and look awesome. But IF you are in a continous gunfight, and start shooting, the animation would cancel and just instantly put your attachments on so that it doesn’t come in the way of fighting.

Or, add the attachments on the next reload. New animation + reload at the same time :open_mouth:


Hmm… I dont like the idea that (x) number of kills = a weapon upgrade. The best players already have the best skills, therefore they are already able to get more kills. This system only makes the best players stronger, further limiting the lesser-skilled players’ ability to fight against them.

While I agree that this game is fast paced and getting kills is the point of an FPS game, I feel this system would force players to play in a certain way ie. kill hunting rather than trying to win the game.

I also would never want the game to decide when my upgrades occur. The upgrade path and timing of the upgrades should be down to the player alone. Every game mechanic must be manageable and player-determined, not arbitrarily decided by a Dev


@mako , it only gives you attachments… 1-kill gives you a red dot. other than that it’s nothing too crazy unless if you make it later mid game to end game which would be giving you suppressor and acog and 5-kills and 7 or 8 kills respectively.

It makes sense for this game.