Revive Tip



what you think of make it some easier to revive people by like having 2-3 meds anytime in the game makes you get a free revive that you can use and if the meds r used


Hey ManglarNtv,

Thanks for the sugestion/input. We are taking all feedback into consideration.


Ok so the revive takes what, 5 seconds, right? So lets say you dont have any meds, what, you let your teammate die? I say you add reviving without meds, but it doubles or triples the time it takes to revive if you don’t have meds.


responding to myself: you can only use the feature if you don’t have meds


Thanks for the feedback. We like the idea of players needing make the tough decision of a player either healing themself or reviving their comrade. I’m curious what others have to say aboht this though.


I kinda like the idea because of the rng of loot. There have been times where my squad didn’t have any healing items to begin with to revive someone that was down.