Rob Logan Interview


The YouTuber BigFry posted a rather unflattering video regarding the state of Islands of Nyne a few weeks ago. Rob Logan from Define Human Studios commented on the video and stated he would love to give an interview with BigFry to talk about everything and answer any questions he may have. BigFry told him he would love to and to message him in his DMs.

BigFry confirmed the other day that he never reached out. Can we please get this interview setup?


Hey Mike_R,

This interview is already set up and slated for next week.


Any update on the interview?


Hey Mike_R,

I’m not sure if you saw this twitter post yet but it is happening tonight!:


Here is a direct link to the interview:


Thursday Nov 29th fellas…$10 keys.

Patiently waiting.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: