Scraping System Rework


I am all for a progression system within the BR mode. It goes without saying that tuning is needed. Here are the notes I wrote up during the F2P weekend about how I think scraping should change:

  • Scraping needs to occur less often.
  • Each successful scrap should give you more scrap but it has a global cooldown.
    • This lessens the “distraction” portion of the game as well as keeping it rewarding enough to scrap items.
    • This also keeps more items on the map for those less-fortunate on the RNG and the battle-worn who have ran out of supplies.

(following was already implemented as of Sunday (12/3/2018) in patch 1.7):

  • Nanos should not be scrapable. Keep these away from the scrapers.
    • When you are battle-worn and used up your nanos you are on the search for more nanos. Keep nanos on the map. They help.

Revision Two:

How to accomplish lower-frequency with the scraping system in order to avoid distracting from fast-paced game play.

  • Only make weapons scrapable. Destroying a weapon in order to improve another weapon makes more sense to me. I thought about making it so that you can only improve an MK by destroying another MK – or a Deagle to improve a Deagle – but this might have been a step too far so any weapon to improve the weapon of choice is a fair design.

The fun bits:

  • Allow each item to be a hell of a lot more scrap-points, BUT, you have it show a timer/visual on the side of the screen showing that your scraped item(s) are processing into scrap-points.

    • In other words, with the scrap key-bind in combination with this change, the second you scrap a weapon you can run away and start fighting again while waiting for that easy-bake-scrap ding to pop off so that you can start your next scrap-upgrade (if you have enough points collected).
    • Not sure which route to take, allow one scrap process to happen at a time or allow up to [x] amount of scraps at one time, for example [3] scrap processes at one time. But I definitely think that if this concept is implemented that there should be a limit to avoid players acting like a vacuum.
  • Most importantly, this allows players to move on and keep the game fast-paced while still promoting the progression system.

  • This also allows some sort of meta-skill within the scraping system. Once players get good they will need to “macro” manage their scrapping to be active as much as possible for efficiency without allowing an insane amount of vacuuming the surfaces of Nyne.


It could be interesting to only allow the scrap-upgrade of one weapon.

For example, if you are a keen sniper then you would only want to put your scrap points into the sako / dmr.

If you are an aggressive player then a shotty upgrade would be best for you.

This would make the scrapping process simpler, create a sense that you can create your own upgrade path specific to your style, and also lessen the ‘chore effect’ that scrapping has.

The scrapping process could also then, be made longer as you could increase the scrap limits for each level.

Just an idea.

EDIT: and then you could pick up other players’ level-upped weapons, so you could have more upgraded weapons, thus increasing the incentive to loot for more than just nanos


@ChuRa i agree that an MK for MK scrap upgrade, and like-for-like only would not be great