Sensitivity while reloading in ads


sensitivity should change to hipfire level when reloading while aiming down sight .
currently the sens stays on ads level for the reloading sequenz.

would feel better (more consistent) for me if changed

i dont know wether this is the same thing with after knife throwing.


I believe the sensitivity stays the same to help someone cycling the bolt on a sako to stay on target.


yeah thats true its good for sniping.
but with other weapons i often do avoidance manoeuvres while reloading and the lower sens is hindering me.

so i just need to get out of zoom before reloading, theres near zero loss of time …
its just one more buttons to press and a bit of training :slight_smile:

gunplay would be more appealing for me if it gets changed for non sniper weapons but i dont know whether its good to have such varieties.


can i get some feedback, if this is considered or forwarded to the devs?
i dont say this definetly needs to change, but maybe it can be taken in consideration.


I don’t think this ever was intended, as the sensitivity should adjust to the view zooming out. It should be fixed in the next patch.