Sensivity Convert


Even tho ive been on the game since 19 years now, i dont know shit about mice settings. Usually i just go with what feels best.

Now i want to try playing same sens in most games.
Could anyone help me converting this settings shown on the screen to islands of nyne?

I play on 1280x1024 with a FOV of 90.
I try using this homepage but i think im just too dumb to operate it properly.



I’m not entirely sure I’m reading this correctly but I’ll try my best…
assuming you overwatch sensitivity is 9 and your dpi is 400 your ION sensitivity should be 0.717065.

Hope this helps.


Thanks but what exactly makes you come to that conculsion?


Given that dpi and FoV remain unchanged, converting from cs:go to IoN is about 1:31.1 .

So take your cs:go sensitivity and multiply it by 31. 1.2 cs:go x 31.1 = 37.3% .

If you alter your fov then you’ll have to make some adjustments.


37% is pretty low tho. Doesn’t seem right.