Shield is too powerful


As it stands right now, the shield is definitely OP. However, depending on what weapon is being used to shoot the shield it’s effectiveness can very drastically.

Shotgun VS shield is the worst currently. Depending on your range it can take 1-4 shots to be destroyed. When the shotgun only holds 8 shots and the only mode of fire is semi automatic it essentially renders it useless against the shield.

I think the way the shield works should be adjusted so it blocks a small amount of damage, then breaks. Another suggestion would be depending on the type of weapon and amount of damage the shot is doing, the shield should break as well as inflict damage on the player who is wearing it. An example would be if, you have a shield and you are shot by a sniper round in the chest your shield should break and you should receive a certain amount of damage.

The health system and time to kill also needs to be addressed but that’s a conversation for another post. Let me know your thoughts on this.


I thought the shield popped on first bullet. Is this incorrect?


Yes, that is incorrect.


I’ve never considered the shield to be OP, in fact I usually find it to be quite the opposite. 9 times out of 10 someone with a shot gun will destroy my shield in one go. If it’s taking you that many shots to destroy a shield, consider not using it like a rifle, gotta get close my dude.


When I use the shotgun against my enemies I’m usually within 5-8m. Unless it’s a direct center mass shot, meaning all of my pellets impact the target in the center of the body it usually doesn’t take only a single shot to destroy the shield.


The strength of the shotgun comes from all the pellets hitting, you seem to be complaining that that shield doesnt break once one measley pellet hits it


That’s not what I’m addressing… I’m a very experienced player with 101 hours logged in the game. I understand how the shotgun works and I also understand how to balance weapons in game development.

My point is this. If I shoot a player equipped with a shield using my shotgun from 5m and the majority of my pellets hit, it should destroy the shield. Simple as that.


And i can tell you that it does. Hell ive been with hit with the shotgun while having a shield and died instantly.


I’m not going to argue with you anymore. You either don’t understand what I’m explaining or you don’t believe it.

The reason that you were killed by the shotgun while wearing the shield is because the shield doesn’t cover your head. That’s likely where they hit you with the shotgun.


These devs seem to like trade-offs.

The shotgun seems pretty strong in general so perhaps one trade-off for that strength is it can struggle vs shields.

And shields make you much more visible so there is that trade off as well for it for the shields strength itself.

I like the various intricacies of how the shield works right now. Things like you can only get them off corpses if you headshot them and that they add a little extra ttk seem like good fits for this game.


Oh yay, discussion time!

Overall, I’ll disagree with your sentiment of the shields being too strong. The shield is a critical item of survivability, which cannot be denied, however it is also a double edged sword - By providing other players a significantly greater indication of your location, due to the shield animation (bright blue isnt ver stealthy, yo). I believe when we see high end competative, we’ll see players making a conscious choice on using the shield.

Your exaple with the shotgun is rather subject to RNG, noting that the damage spread is rather unpredictable unless you have the shotgun within a few metres (ultra close range). However, due to damage of the shotgun being clusters/pellets based, you’ll encounter the uncommon scenario of partial shield damage as it doesnt count as one complete shot. It’s moreso a problem with the shotgun and reliability.

All in all, the shield system provides on average one shot of protection from potentially fatal damage, at the significant cost of stealth.

That’s just my 2 cents. :unicorn:


I think the shield is perfectly balanced when fighting against a MK18 but with the shotgun it is absolutely over powered. It’s the shotgun vs the shield that I have a problem with for the most part. It needs adjusting. Unless you’re landing every single pellet at barrel stuffing range then it’s going to be 2-3 shots to remove the shield from play.


I think that is partial to intention to be honest, and is similar in most games. If the spread isnt too RNG based or spread, it becomes rsther overpowered - Increase those attributes, and it becomes less reliable with a focus on it being ultra-close range (Irl, its much the same - It’s not the most reliable weapon). Either way, shotty is always an interesting topic on discord.

But I still maintain my opinion on shield. Changes like the ones you suggest would require shield to change on yhe visual scale, to lessen the trade-off currently experienced.


Are you ADS with the shotty? Or hip fire? I just checked out the spread for the shotty for the first time the other day, hip fire is horrible lmao… at the same distance ADS is about 20 times more dense than hip fire… while this makes a little more sense for a fully automatic SMG or AR, it makes 0 sense for shotty lol. The spread is exactly the same on a single shot (1 shell) regardless of if you’re ADS or not, only a choke or some other mod can affect the spread that dramatically. My point is, if you’re hip fire even at 5m, you could only be landing a few pellets per shot, at least according to the wall in the training room

Sorry if you mentioned the ADS already, I didn’t read the full thread


The shield doesnt protect the head, so maybe aim for the head and its a 1shot kill from close range.


I don’t think its overpowered like yall are saying the your more noticeable to player with a shield and it doesn’t protect your head so if it rewards accuracy voids the shield, Ive won peak fights before against someone shielded while I was low. I just had to decide weather to take the shield down or go for the head. At close range, just carry a Shotgun on ya, it says, “I don’t care about your shield just your face”.