Skin Market GLITCH/BUG



Very strange glitch some of us are experiencing (from what I can tell reading steam forums) I can still see several of the skins I own for sale and marketed but the ones in my inventory can no longer be sold or traded?

Can you please address this? I bought this skins strictly to play the skin market with and when I purchased them they were tradable/marketable in 7 days… now they are not, send help!

Skins i’m having this issue with are both knives and gilded ak, seminole. However I see people still selling them?


Seems to be affecting all ‘limited’ skins. There were already some on the market so that’s why there are some for sale, but it seems like they are no longer marketable for whatever reason. Must be bugged.


Hey guys,

A little late to the party but this should be fixed now. Let me know if you are still having issues.


Looks like seminole still says not marketable. Also M9A1 Nebula, M1014 Biohazard and Guilded Heirloom.


There are a few outstanding skins that should be fixed soon. Sorry for the delay!