Skins not showing/disappearing from in-game Inventory


so i bought skins on the market , and my skins didnt showed up in my in-game inventory , i did everything , refreshed , logged out , and i still dont have them , i scrapped 3 skins to see if it would refresh my inventory , but it didnt , and those skins that i scrapped , i still have them , i bought the crimson web knife to see if this skin would show up , but it didnt.



Worrying that your steps didnt update your inventory. My imediate thoughts on things to try:

  • Verify game files
  • Disable steam overlay, then enable. (Run game inbetween for the sake of it)
  • Run in Administrator.

Let us know how you go. :unicorn:


i tried all of these steps , and none of them worked unfortunately


Damn, thats the main ones I can think of at the moment other than Re-Install. Hopefully someone has some better ideas.

Best of luck. :unicorn::frowning_face:


i reinstalled it , and it’s still not working


Can always give the Discord Channel a shot. There is a support chat which gets seen alot more often.


Are they showing up in your steam inventory?


yes they are


Try reinstalling steam and see if that fixes it


i already did that (reinstalled the game) and it didnt worked


well , now my steam is now saying " This inventory is not available at this time. Please try again later."


i buy two crates and they do not appear in my inventory LOL, is because steam API issues?


yeah it’s because of that , i just bought a case and it didnt showed up


We’re working on resolving this issue. We have had a few other reports of it happening as well.