Small Announcement


We just wanted to remind everyone as we move forward that this is a new Kickstarter-funded independent game studio. :wink: We aren’t pushed to do-or-die deadlines, and that’s honestly a good thing. Instead, Define Human Studios is a group of dedicated individuals pouring their hearts into a project that they want to exceed expectations and, obviously, to succeed! :smile: Any dates set forth by our team are estimations and hopeful goals that we try very hard to meet. Complications can and will arise that cause setbacks (including, apparently, natural disasters :slightly_frowning_face: ) , but you can be certain that we don’t want our progress to slow any more than you do! We just ask that you be patient as we work to make certain that our next reveal is worth the wait. Thanks for being awesome! :heart:️️

Any Updates since August?

nice really excited to see what is in store. good show


All good! I am with you guys! I check in every couple days for news.


COOL! HYPED. hope everyone is well after irma


when i bought the game, i knew it would take a while and i´m happy to support your vision. we all hope you will succeed and noone wants a rushed half done product, so take your time, do your best and in the end we will all be happy and have an amazing time with your game. keep beeing amazing and i wish you all the best.


I know this is an old post , but i wanted to add my 2 cents. This is why i personally backed the project i wanted to help a studio make a game that looked awesome to me and wasn’t ran by a bunch of white suits telling the devs to hurry and get the game out in little time for maximum profit over gameplay and polish. Same reason i sit idly waiting for star citizen not caring how long it takes hahaha.