So Kill Trading?


Hey guys,

A huge issue for players (in pub g) that need to play on servers with high ping is a lack of kill trading.

I.E if you shoot an opponent at the same time server will award lowest ping the kill and not apply the damage to opponent.

Maybe this is ok in solos, but in team matches it sucks as it can happen to multiple team members and no damage is applied giving them an advantage over the other team.

P.S I have good internet for my region i just happen to be very isolated.

Just after an answer to the question I don’t need to hear anyone moan about why this should/shouldn’t be a thing.


so just to clarify, I was just thinking kill trading along arma 3 lines?
making it rare but possible. especially when shooting someone who is lagging which i hope this game isn’t.


There is kill trading in team matches in Islands of Nyne. There is not kill trading in Solos (except for Knife throws and Grenades I believe).


Awesome thanks.