So what happens now?


Hi everyone,

Let me first just say that I absolutely love this game, it is without a doubt the best BR game on the market. I’ve been following it since just after the Kickstarter, participated in the alpha, and have eagerly bought copies of the game and many skins for myself and friends. It would be difficult to find someone who wants this game to succeed more than me.

After the player retention failed to materialize post-launch, I was concerned but generally agreed with the devs that people weren’t sticking around due to a lack of “stuff to do” after the initial looting period. And the latest content patch, in my opinion, solves those problems. The game is now engaging at every stage and the fights are even more heart-pounding and memorable than before.

However, the results were obviously not what was expected. The community manager answered a few posts prior to the patch saying “the player count is down but a new content patch is coming soon which will bring in new players”. But that didn’t happen. Between EU and NA servers there are barely 10 people online to start a match, and even then you’re waiting for 10+ minutes most of the time.

So, I now am asking the devs: what are we going to do? I think we would all like an official response since the free weekend is long over and we’re all biting our fingernails.

Please avoid posting “the devs need to do X” responses - there are plenty of good threads already created for that. This thread is for us, the fans of this great game, to ask the dev team how they’re planning on letting us play it. :slight_smile:

Love you, Define Human! We’ve got your back, but we need you to take the lead.


Continue to focus the lion’s share of our resources toward creating content that gives the most elite players meaningful ways to battle for rank in 10 man lobbies a couple hours a day?


DHS need to force 5-player match starts for solos.

DHS need to create some team deathmatch mode around the Beam area. With constant respawns and no minimum player starts. It has been referred to as Infinte Mode.

It doesnt matter what you call it, but getting killed in normal games and then waiting 10 mins for that game to end AAAAAAAAAAAAAND then hoping you get put back into the same server is just not fun, even for me.


Oh Developers!? Where are you??

Seriously guys? Still no response to your community? No “Moving Forwards” topic? What are your plans? Are you guys going silent again for months? You can spend 15 minutes to address your players.


Yes - this right here.

This is the main reason why the game feels “dead”. If the devs would engage with the community and actually act like they care about their game, it would go a long way.

What they should have done this past weekend was come out and say “lol, well, that didn’t work as planned. not 100% sure of our plan right now, but we’re working on it” and then immediately start to engage us on Discord and the forums to listen to our ideas and to give us some insight into their thought process. Imagine how much better they would look than how they do now - dead silent for two weeks after an unremarkable free weekend with literally 0 players online at any given time.

Let us know what you’re thinking, devs. You don’t have to give us fully-cooked ideas, just show us that you’re there, that you’re working, that you care. Modern gamers expect their devs to talk to the community during early access - you guys are too old-school. :wink: