Sold Out?


Hi i was thinking about buy the game…go to eat and see… Sold Out. Whats wrong? i cant buy the game now?



do you have an eta until keys are available? like at least a rough eta? because there is some big streamers getting behind this game and it looks great but its very disappointing that i cant get my hands on it, will you be waiting until full release before allowing more people in? some feed back would be great so we know whether to bother waiting or find another game. thank you game looks awesome.


Hey nevermiss,

There are no announcements yet friend on when pre-orders will or will not open back up (not even a rough eta). If you have your eyes set on a different game, I would go for it. You can always pick up ION via Early Access on steam down the line.


yes as you say, but i think will be good to have one more preorder wave before early access for someone miss it and wait for this bundles …devs must consider it about this and many want to give a try the game at this weekens…