Some 1.5 feedback


Felt good playing ION again, I dunno if my memory is off because its been so long but i swear the game looked and performed much better than pre 1.5 so well done on that front.

I felt positively about most of the changes but there were some changes i didnt fully understand or just flat out didnt like in practice (even if at one point i advocated for some of these changes lol), So let me run a few by you.

  1. Spawning with the Desert Eagle : I hate it…I just do, I think i once said “Dieing before getting a gun was the worst part of any BR”…I was wrong. Dieing with a Desert Eagle in your hand is the worse.

  2. Scrap system : I love it…Just dont love the fact that im spending most of my ingame time scrapping items. Definetly feel that scrap should only be granted for kills that way the system doesnt slow the pace of the game down or at the very least provide us a scrap hotkey that way we dont always have to stand still making inventory decisions.

  3. Gauntlet : Too soon to judge but i have to admit it feels as if its not worth the hassle in its current form but i also have to admit that i have yet to really try to implement it into my playstyle. I just dunno where it really fits.

  4. Reloading : I know this probably coming outta left field but i think the most immidiate need for the gun play side of things is ways to modify our reload times or even extend our clips, I know im rusty but it feels like im spending more time reloading than actually shooting now at days (due to the shields i would imagine).

Aside from those minor gripes im loving what you guys have done, Keep it up.


Hey Offline,

Thanks for the feedback!

Getting used to scrapping takes a bit of time but once you are fully used to it, it will become a lot faster and more fluent of a process.

The gauntlet is definitely a lot of fun and once you get a handle on how to use it (rocket jump to higher ledges, shoot enemies out from behind trees, or even peek from cover with the shield up to locate an enemy) it becomes an awesome tool.

One nice thing about upgrading weapons is that it allows that weapon in most cases to have a larger magazine and faster reload time with each level.


Ok…Good points.

One last question though, Are we ever gonna see in an increase in the player limit per map if the pop picks back up again?

I know the current limits were made for 1.0 and the pop issues ION had and there great imo but if this thing picks back up again population wise it would be great to see the game launch with 10-80 players depending on the pop and amount of time passed in the lobby.


Yes, there are plans to increase the player cap per match. We’ve done some testing already in the past with 64 players. Once numbers rise we will more than likely be looking into it.