Sound bug? - Teammate and pulling up map


I have footage where I’m utterly convinced that a guy is running up on me to my right in some grass, but when I turn to look, no one is there. My duo teammate said that he pulled up his map the same exact time.

I spam jump a lot, and strafe jump look a lot. Could have been frame drops + the constant head turning + the jumping in grass.

Can I hear my teammate pull his map up?



Post a link to the video so that I can check it out.


I thought I had a good example, even going so far as to boosting the audio, but couldn’t hear it in the clip.

I’ll scrub through my other footage and see if I can’t find what I’m talking about.


I have had the same problem where I would land and think someone was behind me and it was just a ghost of myself-when I am with a teammate. Also, There is a bug where the wading in water sound keeps going as I move even after getting out of the pool. I have to jump in walk around and get out for it to stop. I think mansion is where it happens often.