As of right now, sounds are not very good. I know you’re working on them, but there needs to be different sounds for someone above you, below you, and around the same height as you.

I’m not sure if it’s related, but the directionality of sound, specifically footsteps, seems off as well.


What kind of head phones are you using?

I hear a lot more people than I see them. The sound design in this game is superb.


Stop being a yes man fanboi. It isn’t helping anything. The game is in alpha and if the dev team is not made aware of issues, no matter how minor they might seem to you, then game will be worse off for it.


I didn’t say it was perfect. All I did was ask what kind of headphones he was using. Sometimes getting a decent pair of headphones will help.

Calm down there would ya?


I have the SteelSeries Siberia 200. They’re pretty decent, I don’t have any directional issues in any other game. Whether it is my headphones or not, I am certain that there is no audio difference whether someone is above or below you.


Very noticeable in warm up especially, when you’re up top and people are at the lowest level.

Maybe sounds on different floors can be muted to a certain degree?


“I didn’t say it was perfect. All I did was ask what kind of headphones he was using.”

“The sound design in this game is superb.”

No, you didn’t say it was “perfect”, but what you did say was an attempt to shut down the discussion, lay the issue on OP and imply that the game has no sound issues.


I’ve offered a possible solution. You on the other hand, called me a fanboi in an attempt to stop the discussion.

Again, relax dude. No one wants this game to succeed more than me, but acting the way you’re acting isn’t helping.



Something like this. Take pubg for example. People above you have “hollow” footsteps, and steps below you also make a different sound. It’s subtle, but once you learn it’s very very helpful.


There are obviously always things to be worked on in a game. But IoN has aspects of its game that are pretty solid. Just because it’s in alpha doesn’t mean everything needs work. Someone thinking a feature they have in IoN is great doesn’t make them a “yes man fan boi”. Your point was unnecessarily rude and doesn’t help the discussion whatsoever.


On a response to the overall subject. I think the directional sound for horizontal and vertical noise is pretty decent in the game. It’s better than PUBG was at this state of its development. Obviously it’s not CS:GO level, but I think they’re working on it and improving it at a proper pace compared to the rest of development.


My original comment spans more than just this thread. In other threads he fanbois all over the place and if he doesn’t agree with someone, he attempts to shut down any discussion, not with salient points and opinions, but with the equivalent of “You’re wrong because I don’t agree with you”. This is very typical fanboi behavior.

Regarding his comment that I was trying to shut down the discussion on this topic, that is absurd. His original comment was an attempt to shut down discussion. I called him out on it in an attempt to keep the discussion alive. If I hadn’t called him out on it this thread would have died outright, most likely.


If you think I’m a fan boy because I asked him what kind of headphones he has while simultaneously trying to shut the discussion down, I don’t know what to tell you.

Again, you’d rather wage a personal war on people who have feedback on a game rather than offer a solution to a potential problem in the alpha state of the game.

Get over it man.


What are your thoughts on sound, above or below you, directionally, or overall design ForbodingAngel? Since you’ve offered no feedback, suggestions, or opinion, I’d really like to hear your thoughts for this most recent Alpha wave.


Mellow definitly made a point here.
It is very hard to tell, just by sound, if the players are on the same level as you or above you especially when you are in buildings. I didnt find it too difficult to track them since I knew the structure of the building and from that I could tell that he had to be above me for example. Regarding just the sound it would be nice to have a slight diffrent sound for people running on the floor above/under you.