South African Servers


I already pre-ordered this game so im quite excited for the EA release. Only problem as with most games is the high ping me and fellow South Africans will get. Just want to know IF the demand for this game is high in SA, when can we expect local servers. It just happens to be so that the SA PUBG community is quite big yet the developers have done nothing to satisfy their SA customers needs.


Yeah, also from South Africa. This would be great for us, would love to play with a decent ping for a change


100%!!! its not only for South Africans, all gamers in sub-Saharan Africa use SA servers… It would be an awesome deal for literally half of Africa.


Jup, South African servers would be great and really appreciated. You cant feel the lagg as bad in Island of Nyne but still, SA server would be amazing.


Yes please , we would love SA servers .


Would be nice but remember to limit the queue types to funnel low population - one 1hour queue and people get over it. Funneling the playerbase is really important with regions like SA/Australia