South America server region REQUEST


Please, we Brazilians (and latinos overall) represent a HUGE slice of the gamer community, do NOT let us out of this game! I wanted to support and buy it BADLY but tbh I’m not up for playing a somewhat laggy and high latency experience.



I support this initiative, I’m from Brazil and I know how Brazilians like Battle Royale.


I support this initiative, I’m from Brazil and I know how Brazilians like Battle Royale.


I support this initiative, I’m from Brazil and I know how Brazilians like Battle Royale.


same here, from argentina, this game need SA servers


Bumping this thread.


I support and I hope the mod and devs stop ignoring our questions and treating us like shit.


( ´・ω・)人(・ω・`)

Although I am from Australia I do support you guys getting your own server to enjoy too.

But on a side note for you guys.

This game has amazing connection and hit detection. During alpha I was playing NA servers only and the hit detection and connection felt amazing considering I am on the other side of the globe really. I was still able to outgun players and enjoy myself.

A huge credit to the team for putting the priorities in the right area.

“Cough” unlike pu… Not even going to finish that hehe


Hey friends,

Your requests do not go unheard, new regions in the future are certainly a possibility.


Yes or no?


Guys don’t let this thread go unheard of. Share it around and spread the word!!!


Wait… Isn’t there already SA servers?


No there isn’t. The current SA server stands for SOUTHEAST ASIA (Australia).


Well, that’s weird. Never seen any game with an SOUTH ASIA server. I’ve seen SEA that’s very famous but SA standing for SOUTH ASIA is very weird.


Quoted directly from the FAQ section:

"Q: What server regions do you have available?

A: We currently have servers hosted in the following regions for Closed Alpha:

North America (East Coast, West Coast, Midwest)
Europe (France, Germany, UK, Spain)
Asia (Singapore)
Southeast Asia (Australia)
Please keep in mind that server locations and availability are based on demand, so if there’s enough players searching for a match in a region, servers will be brought up close by in order for them to have the lowest latency possible.".


Yeah it’s supposed to be SEA, but they wrote as SA. But you were right about being located at SOUTHEAST Asia and not SOUTH Asia as I have previously said.


SO. My thread’s point still stands. Let’s make some noise for our rights to play low latency games, guys!


SA is Southeast Asia, that answers why have so many chinese names in the games that he played xd


Indeed. Everything makes sense now. :v

Let’s hope for the TRUE SA server. hah


I just checked it now and… There’s “SEA” and “SA”. I don’t know what to believe anymore. <.< Maybe SA is indeed South Asia but that doesn’t make much sense, actually.

@Ooey, could you confirm it for us?