I came here to cry about spectate. Please bring it back! The community vibe is gone since its been taken out and now every one just camps since there is no one to make fun of them :frowning: The wait time is insane now specially if you die early game. If its ghosting then throw in duos for spectate no solo, games ready!


The devs are definitely aware of the opinions about spectate. :wink: I believe its removal in the current version was directly related to trying a new method of queuing in the lobbies. No worries, though! The number of people disappointed with it being missing will undeniably have an impact, lol!



I was talking to logan and he was talking about a 5 minute delay version. I like the live feed because it feels like an actual dome. The people watching keep people from camping and betting on who wins/talking about the game is a fun part of it. Trying to think of a better solution but only one i can think of is not showing who you are watching. Kinda ruins the point thou ha specially since i like to show off and want every one to see my moves :wink:


I’m fine with it out of the game. There’s more important parts to care for than looking at others playing :). I’m sure it’ll be back in the future tho :smiley:

But for now let’s see the game improve instead of new stuff that bury issues like h1 has done for 3 years now and recently realizing new br games wanna dethrone them and have succeeded. For now that’s pubg. But that’ll change when the true Fps br IoN comes out, plebs gonna cry so hard when not being able to peak everything :smiley:


I will never understand that mentality. Take out something thats working to focus on other more important things. But it was working…why change something that doesnt need to be fixed?


Pretty simple why they took it out. It can be abused. You hop in a lobby with a friend then when one dies they say where everyone else is on the map. I think spectate should only be in duos and fives and the viewing is only of your team.


Then make it so you can only spectate people on friends lists till there are none left on your list then free view after none are left. Just ruins the fun of the game with out im no longer in a dome. just alone running around looking for people camping.


You guys ever watch NFL redzone? It would be cool if spectate was set up like that and it would cause less abuse. Have everyone spectating see the same screen which automates between fights. Ex. It auto swaps spectate view to a player when they are within x yards of another player then bounces to the next set of 2 closest players after that battle ends until the round is over.


This is a great idee.


i like this. its a good idea and could possibly work. im up for any solution. I just really enjoy watching my friends and also watching players i know from the game duke it out at the end. See who the top shot is