Sponsorships (this is under 15 characters, but now it's not so there)


During the preview, the devs mentioned that some of their inspiration for this game was taken from the hunger games.

I think a fun mechanic to add to this game would be sponsorships like in the Hunger Games. Other players could pay for medkits, tools, weapons, ect. To be sent to players that they are betting on. Since credits will not be able to be bought, this would still keep the pay to win aspect out of the game.

Obviously there would need to be limits to this mechanic, but I feel that in the comments below you will be able to take this rough piece of coal concept and turn it into a beautiful gem of an idea. (Or set it on fire and watch it burn as it cooks your steak. Yes, the metaphor has broken down, thusly I digress.)


I like the idea. Mainly, because it is not p2w for the reasons you described and because it will inspire “hot spots” for kill.

Everyone should be able to see where the package comes in at, and therefore it will attract people to the location. This then promotes killing and helps speed up the game.

Ideally, when you sponsor someone they would get a message of sorts and be able to summon the package when they feel comfortable. If they do not use it within 5 minutes due to death, the credits should be refunded. If they hold on to it for longer than 5 minutes and the match ends or they die, the package should be lost forever.

I think it could add some excitement to the gameplay for sure.


But as you said, there needs to be limitations. I could easily sponsor my friend everytime.


And? You would be using the money that you earned and would have invested in yourself on him. So what you gift to him you could not use for yourself. This is not an issue.


We have some ideas about this. Not necessarily how you’re envisioning sponsorships would work, but something that would give the ranking system some personality and add some lore/context to the ION universe.

Sponsors can identify themselves as a corporation, individual, political branch, or group (within the “Closed Network”). A sponsor’s responsibility is to train (tutorial) and reward (rewards) their Humans (players). As a human becomes more skilled (ELO rating), their value goes up and therefore becomes more desirable to higher-status sponsors (rank up). Once their value reaches a certain point they will be sold and transferred to a sponsor of a slightly higher status (next rank up). However, if their value declines they will be sold back to their previous sponsor (next rank down).

I have a pretty substantial entry on this going into much more detail. Once we have some breathing room and can devote some time/resources to our lore, I’ll start pumping it out for you guys to chew on.

We could definitely expand on this and bring in mechanics such as what @Noveltease proposed here. However, with everything, we need to be careful about giving anyone an unfair advantage.


I was also thinking about in-game sponsorships like this as well. WolfinChains mentioned earlier that there were company logos for armor in the trailer.

Perhaps the companies that sponsor you could give you skins, armor, or even a medkit based upon performance in battle. Similar to a care package in COD?.


Fair Enough. The best way to go about it would be for anyone with objections to the idea to state their opinion on why it would or could be bad. This would include in how many ways and to what degree they think it would have a negative impact on the game. People playing devil’s advocate should also state any reasons they think would fall into these categories.

Then we can evaluate the opinions, provide any counter arguments, and get a better idea about whether or not they truly give an unfair advantage.

Either way it goes, it is actually probably best to determine what sort of items may come in the care package. The method of delivery, the way in which it will effect match, and other minor details.

I suppose I can do a full write up on the idea and present it to the community, as I believe it could be a fun feature that will add more to the game than it could possibly take from it. Especially since the only way one player could have the advantage is if the other playing who is the acting sponsor sacrifices what they would have used for their own advantage.

Example. Let’s say that I have 100 gold. I could use that 100 gold to help upgrade my gear, etc. and head into my next match that much better. Alternatively, I could gamble part of my gold in order to send a friend a care package. Not only would there be a chance he never gets it(I would like for a player to have to defend it for X amount of time in order to claim it), but even if they do get it there is no guarantee they still win the match. If they do in fact lose, then I wasted whatever gold I attempted to invest in them in order to win. So now, not only was my sponsorship worthless as they did not win thus being able to pay be back with the earnings, but I am also not able to go into my next round with the advantage I would of had.

Now, if it ever gets to the point where 1 particular player has a mountain of gold to just blow on anything they like, then either 1) They are extremely goo at coming out number 1 or 2) The devs did a poor job making sure there would be enough money sinks in the game. Meaning, that people are not buying enough ammo/health packs/other consumables/gear/gear repair/etc.


When you mentioned that you could use your currency to purchase gear and what not for yourself, why would i ever wage my currency on a very unlikely chance that it could be double/tripled etc. We would rarely ever see this and it would be a dead addition to the game at that point.


From what I understood from the developers, all things to be bought will be cosmetic, since the game is foraging based, making money relatively pointless in the first place. You might as well blow it helping a friend out.


I did indeed forget that fact. Now i wonder at anytime could you send the sponsorship in? Even though it is only in set locations?


From what Noveltease reccomended, it doesn’t sound like it will be in set locations, but rather the location will be announced to all other players. With that in mind, you should be able to send it in whenever you wish.

This will also add another strategic factor in when you choose to drop your care package. You would need to drop it in an easily defendable area but at the same time, not wait too long to help.


very good idea but need to have a good anti cheat ,trust me …


Sponsorship: Player Version


The idea of player sponsorship is an expansion on the idea proposed by @VengefulFalcon and is intended to be considered by the Devs to be incorporated into the Sponsorship plan that was described by @Define_Logan. The idea is simple. To give a way for players to give either their friends or people they are betting on a care package via sponsorship. In the implementation section of this post, I will attempt to provide a clear and concise step by step process on how the idea could potentially be implemented.


  1. Allow you to sponsor another player by spending your own currency on them.
  2. Implement the delivery system of the sponsorship package in a way that adds to gameplay.
  3. Establish a rule-set that is fair for everyone regarding what happens to the care package if it does not get used by the intended player. Can another player kill the person it was used for and claim the package for them self? If the intended player does manage to claim it and dies, do they lose it?


Step 1: How do you you sponsor another player? What does this look like.

This step should be fairly easy and straight forward. We already know that you can use in-game currency to place bets on individual players or teams. So it should be an easy addition to add in a sponsorship option when you place a bet. If done how I imagine, when you place a bet you will be given an option to sponsor the person you are betting on as well. Personally, I think if this system makes it in the game, a player should only be allowed to receive a single care package per match. If this remains the case, then if the person you are betting on already has a sponsor you will not be given the option to sponsor them as well, just to bet on them. However, it is possible that we could make the care package come in tiers. Example: Tier 1) A big Stick, Tier 2) A Knife, Tier 3) A pistol with 9 shots. If this were the case and the first sponsor only paid enough to get a tier 1 package, then additional players placing bets could opt in to upgrade the sponsorship tier.

Step 2: How does the other player receive your care package? What are the mechanics involved in the delivery method?

Once a sponsor and/or sponsorship tier has been established, we would then need to determine how that package gets to the player it is intended for. This is the phase where I think the idea brings some fun and exciting elements to the game. Personally, I would want this to be an event that attempts to attract multiple players to the location of the package.

I would do this by having the dome flash and make an announcement. Something like Incoming care package: 10…9…8…etc. This would capture everyone’s attention, and have them look to the sky to see where it is going. Then I would have a smoke trail follow the care package in briefly so you have a general idea of what portion of the map it was sent to. Again, the reasoning for this is to lure people to the area. More people in one area, means more deaths per minute in the match. This then helps speed up the match times. Let’s face it. If you are the first to die, you are going to want back in a match ASAP. So anything that helps speed up the match times, even if it only shaves off a couple minutes, is good for the longevity of the game.

At any rate, once the care package lands the intended player will need to secure and claim it. The time can be changed easily, so for now we will just say that in order to claim it they must defend it for X seconds. Once they do that, then they have successfully claimed the item and can use it at will.

As for the timing of when the package gets delivered, I would think that would be best left in the hands of the intended player. This way, they can use skill to determine when it would be a good opportunity for them to get to claim a package. In other words, they would go into the match and have an indicator on their UI saying that another player has decided to sponsor them. They could then elect the time they feel would be best to summon the care package.

Step 3: What are the rules associated with claiming?

In this step, I had several questions of my own that were intended to make sure this was still fair and fun for everyone. Obviously we would want the care package to go to the intended recipient or there would be no point in doing this at all. These issues can mostly be solved in step 2.

However, there are still a couple questions I had pertaining to the intended target. What happens if he gets the package and dies within X time? What happens if he gets the package and does not use it throughout the match?

The second question should be the easiest to answer,although some may disagree with me. If you get a care package, it is up to you to make use of in in the allotted time of the match. In my opinion, if you do not use in during the match, you lose it.

The first question could be more interesting and even add some more fun possibilities. Personally, I feel that it is up to you to summon the package in a location where you have ample time to secure it. Therefore, I feel there should be no cushion of time where you keep it if you die.

It did get me thinking though. How nifty would it be to have a “Dummy” package. An insurance policy if you will. To the other 99 players on the map, they would think you have a health pack. You alone can see it for what it truly is. Poison. Your enemies, the would be killers and looters of a health pack think they have scored awesome loot. Only when they have low health and go to restore HP do they learn the truth…and die.

Speaking of looting the care package. Should other players be able to kill the intended target of the package and loot it from them? I would say yes. Absolutely yes. This encourages players to try and swarm to the location of the package which means more killing. And this is good for everyone.

So what about if the intended target is killed before they get a chance to loot it? Initially, my opinion was “tough luck”. Then I got to thinking. What if, for S&G, we added an insurance option to the package. Example, for up to 30 seconds after the death of the intended target anyone else attempting to loot the package would suffer death by explosion. The package would blow up in their faces. Take that looters! This is, as everything else in this post, of for debate of course.

Additional Comments

How does this enhance the gameplay experience?

To sum it up, it creates “death pockets” on the map. As the goal of the map is to shrink in size throughout the map in order to force players into closer quarters to keep the kills rolling in, this does the same thing on a smaller scale. The care package will attract players to a specific location if for no other reason that knowing that there will be people to kill there. this increases the chance that people will die in that time frame.

Also, it gives people who are betting on a specific player a little more fun as they can purchase something that increases the odds they make a profit. Assuming the person they put their money on knows how to use it o course.

How do we do this in a way that is neither p2w or an unfair advantage.

This is in no way pay to win. You earn your currency in-game. Whether you chose to spend it on yourself or bet it on another player is up to you. So why should this be any different? After all, it does not guarantee a win.

As far as it offering an advantage, that is an easy fix. For weapons, you simply provide only melee weapons or a gun with very limited ammo that also is not long range. This way, it is still up to the player to use the weapon in a skillful manner.

What types of items can come in a care package?

I will leave this up to the community. For sure though, I would say any and all forms of melee weapons.


Apologies for the late reply, I got busy lately. I wrote different parts of this at different times, so my excitement levels jumped a bit here and there.

At any rate, I think it is a solid starting point to build upon and discuss pros/cons of different aspects. Perhaps in the end, we could have something added to the game that everyone feels would make a great addition. Alternatively, nothing could come from it and talking about it, thinking about it was fun all the same. Enjoy!


I would definitely add some form of healt to the care package. Perhaps make different tiers and types of care packages. Ones with health, weapons, dumny, ect. And each player can get one of those a piece?


Sooo an Idea!
What if not another player sponsors an active player. What if the computer sponsers the players after some special… actions. Like “You got a triple kill - gets an package/sponsoring” or “you got 5 kills without taking damage - gets an package/sponsoring” or “you have only 1%hp since 3 minutes (after a fight) - gets a small medi pack”


That feels too much like CoD etc. to me. I am sure many others would like that form though.


I think a better implementation of this system would be additional cosmetic rewards or a credit bonus for completing achievements like that. Like @Noveltease said, weapon or support item drops feels too much like CoD, and one of the key points of the game is that you only get the weapons you find in the arena. Being able to force the game to give you items you want - even if it required great skill to do - is contrary to that objective.


I only meant having the rewards come to you via kill streaks and such. That is taking a page straight out of the CoD book.

I am all for being able to sponsor a friend and send them a knife/sword handgun with 6 bullets etc etc. I even made a rather long post about how and why I would like to see it implemented.


No, I understood the distinction. I do like the sponsor idea, although I worry about how great an advantage that could give. After all, if someone has a friend online spectating, they are guaranteed a sponsorship, while someone playing solo is far less likely to get one. I’m not sure that’s a good setup for a competitive game like this…