STILL Crashing constantly


So here’s my problem. 3/4 Games I will crash at any point from the lobby to the top two. I’ve tried many fixes. Ive tried deleting appdata, reinstalling, verifying game files, doing some thing in regedit that someone told me to do, Ive ran sfc /scannow, updated my graphics card, switched to fullscreen, E.T.C. My questions are, what should I do now? and does anyone else have the same problem? I’ve done enough research to tell that crashing is a problem for a lot of people. but as I read through forum posts I cant really seem to find anyone with the same exact problem as me. Thanks in advance.


Refund. I’ve been trouble shooting since launch with crashes that occur only in gun game. The only help I and others with identical issues received from the actual developers was “do you use launch options?”. There is a GPU memory leak (pretty heavy one even) and no one seems to be acknowledging it.

I get it, small studio and one guy does QA & community management so there are no resources left to help customers who experience problems with their product. The discord is a mess, my support email has been send on the 16th of July with still no reply, and my forum post unanswered.

Come back in a month or 2 to see if they managed to expand their scope and actually tackle tech issues.


I agree… it’s honestly ridiculous how careless the devs/staff are in game and on this support page. About two of the support staff actually respond to the customers, and even when they do it doesn’t make sense, or it;s half-assed. Complete bullshit, not ganna lie.


Do you use Afterburner/Rivatuner? Or anything that overlays into the game? Turn all that off then try.


Never even heard of that.


Same for me it’s very frustrating, it’s happen at every start of a game. The game crashed and I sent like 40 crash report !
But sometimes the game works perfectly for a couple of game until he crash again, very weird…


I believe the issue was fixed in the latest update. Should have been done sooner, but still props to the devs.