Strafe shots are totally scuffed ?!?!

#1 So is this a mechanic in the game or is this a bug… Clip: i am trying to shoot the top left corners of the pentagon figures. The precision is super random :open_mouth:


makes sense to me. Did you test the accuracy in between strafes?


Haha, hey Jan, had some good laughs watching snippets of your stream this weekend. I enjoyed the slow-mo replays :wink:

There is a very slight spread penalty when firing while moving with rifles and SMGs. It’s 100% accurate while standing still, however. We’re still tweaking stuff like that so it may or may not end up like that post Alpha but what it basically does is reward players (a very slight one at that) who are stationary when shooting. Similar to CSGO but obviously not as significant.


makes sense. does this apply to snipers too ?


It does not. The Sako shoots perfectly straight when moving but the tradeoff is you move much slower.