Suggestion for scrapping already upgraded weapons


so… I noticed that when scrapping upgraded weapons, it will still give the default amount. I’d change 2 things there:

  • Give 100% of scrap used + amount to scrap level 1 back when scrapping an upgraded weapon

  • Put in a “downgrade” option, which will downgrade the weapon by one level and give 50% (or maybe 100% as well) of scrap used back


I think the scrap levels do need to be changed slightly. I’m not sure a downgrade option is worthwhile though. What would happen to the ACOG on your level 3 MK when all your extra attachment slots are filled with, for example, a sniper suppressor, red dot sight and laser sight?

Would the Level 3 MK ACOG just disappear? be removed and placed on the ground? or take the place of another item in the inventory?