Suggestions by me


PUBG convert here. Overall I really enjoy your game and it’s easily my go-to game right now. Here are some of my initial suggestions:

-add option to change acog triangle to a dot
-add voice activation/open mic options
-increase visibility of position trackers such as teammate and zone during helmet use
-make throwing knife a one button use

-Sometimes I pull out a nanomed when I need to revive a teammate, and I end up healing myself instead and wasting the nanomed. I don’t have a solution for this, but I feel like other people would make this grave mistake too.


This. Reviving is unlogical at first, just make it so that we press [USE] and it consumes a med to revive and that’s it, would make it much more easy.


Hey CookieTM/eXy,

You don’t have to have a nano equipped to revive, it only has to be in your inventory.


I’m confused eXy, isn’t this already how the game works?



Yes, I know how it works. I’m saying that in the heat of combat I think to myself, “oh i need a nano in my inventory for this revive.” Then i instinctively pull it out and heal myself while looking at the downed teammate instead of just pressing f on a teammate. I think something should be done to make it harder to misplay this way.


Yeah i know but sometimes I need a nanorevive in my hand, probably just me though


Well, you must have a wacky set of bindings to mess up like that. I feel like it’s impossible to do something like that no matter what.