Teaming Report For Hulk and GazA in Solos


Hulk (
Id: STEAM_0:1:54741623

Gaza (
Id: STEAM_0:1:57384182

teaming in solos mode on 4/7/2018 at around 10:50 PM EDT. I think this is unacceptable in such a small community.


Not sure if Doughnut King was involved at the end. Gonna give him the benefit of the doubt and say no. I ask that as a moderating team that you please crackdown on stuff like this and set precedent to keep the game fun and fair, thanks!

It’s a little hard to tell with sound, but you can clearly see both of them turn on me in the beginning without killing each other. They were running together earlier as well. They are also friends on steam.



Thanks for the report. For the record we are banning teamers dont worry.


still saw them running around today. Was it decided that they shouldn’t be banned?


not up to me, I report it to the owners. they are busy doing a lot. just because it doesnt happen immediately doesnt mean it wont happen


If they get banned I know a respectable gamer who would gladly buy a key… :wink:


Too bad grahaminho is reaching on this one. It’s water under the bridge anyway at this point regardless of the back and forth.

See you in the dome!


Reaching? I ran into yall teamming as well.

I will never understand the incessant desire to cheat by some scrubs.


Hey I just got killed by two people teaming in solos… You dont see this in Fortnite… Can you please report him. IDK how else to make a report.