The Official ION Open Tournament - $2500 in Prizes!


Sign-ups going on now!

Announcing the first Official Islands of Nyne Open Tournament! On Dec 2 we invite you to participate in a free Islands of Nyne tournament during the f2p weekend. That’s right, anyone who’s downloaded ION can sign-up and participate whether you’ve purchased the game or are just trying it out during the free2play weekend. Esport pros, content creators, community members, new players, returning players - you’re all invited at a chance to claim victory and win some cold hard cash while you’re at it!

$2500 USD Prize Pool

What’s a tournament without a little money for motivation? The Define Human team is shelling out $2500 USD in cash to whoever places in the top spots! For more details, sign up using the link below and we’ll email you all the information you need to participate.


After you sign up, no further action is needed until we email you again with registration instructions and tournament details. Stay tuned and keep your eye out for another email next week!

-Define Human


hi there, i had regsiter this table but i dont revice any e-mail or stuff to comfrim the match time and match format .

What should i do now ? just wait ?


Hey adrian,

Yes, i believe that more information regarding the tournament will be coming out today.


thanks , it’s hard for me to register it and i hope i can finish the game :slight_smile:


Hey I still haven’t gotten my email either and the tournaments tomorrow…


me too,
no email and how to take part in .


I have still yet to get an email with tournament details? PLEASE help


I also have yet to recieve an email with instructions


Let me know if you end up getting an email


its past the tournament start time and still no email…please help


match format changed to SQUAD and ESL regitster requiring .
time change to yesterday to start known from the info of ESL play