Things to fix asap


There are tons of performance issues and bugs going around that has to be fixed asap.

  • Stutters
  • Alt+tab bug
  • Frame drops when ADSing
  • Shotgun swap bug (think its the lvl 2 shotty only)
  • Loot pickup bug where your weapon disappears
  • Reload bugs
  • Scrap bug where you put sights in inventory or on your weapon, but it still gets scrapped.

Also shields are catering to the hardcore players, not casuals, as headshots are even more rewarding. It has the opposite effect of what it was meant to do. People are getting frustrated cause if they dont hit headshots, they get deleted from the server.

I love your game, I personally have a low amount of bugs and silky smooth performance. I also hit headshots with ease and the shield just makes me feel invulnerable. But some of my friends and other people are having a hard time and leaving the game.

This is killing your f2p weekend if you don’t fix it immediately.