This is what u need to change ASAP


Remove deagle at the spawn, in a battleroyal game u suppost to loot to get gear and not spawning with it,.
This regen shields are to op and the BIP BIP BIP sound it makes when u low hp its the most anoying thing i ever seen because when u low u suppost to be even more focus and that BIP BIP BIP dont let u its impossible to hear footsteps or anything!
Remove regen shields and revert to what was before just increase the spawn rate.
Remove this legs and arms armor, just let armor and helmet.
You can carry only 3 meds so its anoying you need to use 1 med to revive one downed teammate…


Hey ViiciouZ,

Thanks for the feedback! We are already working on modifying a few things that fall in line with some of your suggestions.