Thorough Feedback For 1.5 - Ideas For Improvement


After returning to play this game after a few months waiting i have several thoughts to share about some of the changes made and what i like/dislike about them.


I was pretty hyped about this concept as it’s a very cool incentive to go for drops and rewarding as well. I haven’t actually gone for drops yet myself although i have won a game or two, but after reading about the implementation in the update i couldn’t help but think more details could have been provided about how this functions. This left me with some questions.

  • Does every skinned weapon glow pink regardless of the rarity? Perhaps the glow could correspond to the rarity.

  • Why only 50% chance? If you have various rarities for these skins, why not 100% chance a skin spawns, but much lower chance for legendary skins? I think it may feel better for players to know every drop has a skin and give a much more consistent inclination to grab them, perhaps chasing multiple drops in search of the rarest of skins. I realize you only have 2 of each rarity though; perhaps 5 rarities is too many? It would also be more consistently rewarding for the winners of games, winning a skin more often so long as they find one during the match.

  • If you have unlocked one of these skins and find a duplicate in a future match, do you unlock a second copy of the skin, or just get nothing?

  • Are these skins marketable, or will they be in the future? If not (and i can totally understand why they wouldn’t be), would there be a system to allow trading in duplicates, if you can get dupes, for credits or other skins in some way?

  • When someone acquires a skin but then dies, is another player capable of looting it and unlocking it if they win? Or is it lost upon death?

Scrap System

Oh boy, this is one of the more controversial additions. First of all, i loved the gun-play prior to this update. I thought it was some of the best feeling in any fps game. I understand the intentions for this system, but i feel like it was implemented in a way that makes the game feel more tedious and the weapons feel worse. It encourages more aggressive play and rewards kills which is something i can get behind, but it shouldn’t make weapons worse initially in order to achieve this. Sure, everyone starts with lvl 1 weapons, but it can snowball and feel bad for those who are unable to upgrade as fast.

  • Acquiring scrap feels distracting from the core gameplay. If i want to upgrade my AR i must first pick up the gear, and then make an effort to scrap all excess loot nearby. Yes, you can loot corpses for scrap as well, but other players must also get that scrap from somewhere which means players have much more to manage in the inventory than previously and players may lose track of their surroundings, or habitually scrap every last thing rather than gearing up and fragging sooner (if they don’t die in the process). This game is supposed to be fast paced, but scrapping things conflicts with this.

  • It seems like this was designed with higher player counts in mind. If the matches were much more populated it would be way easier to obtain over the course of a match, but between games with 50 or less players and the fixed scrap values and costs, it just makes it more frustrating and less fun when games are smaller and shorter. Consider dynamic scrap values based on the number of players to make it feel better.

  • UI could be better imo. I don’t particularly like that the scrap is in the bottom right of the inventory, completely opposite the weapons it’s actually used for. This is probably minor, but it’s something to think about if you want to make this system more streamlined and efficient.

  • Having to upgrade every single weapon seems to be a little unnecessary, particularly pistols. I would never consider wasting scrap on a pistol unless i end up with excess after upgrading other weapons, if i even keep a pistol. Consider excluding weapons like this from the scrap system to keep them viable and worth keeping.

  • Some properties of weapons which upgrades affect seem to really limit power without upgrades, and makes gun-play a bit less fun personally. Things like damage, rate of fire, ADS speed, and movement should remain consistent for each weapon individually. Making them ‘upgradable’ just means you’re nerfing weapons overall and making them initially less effective, and someone who manages to upgrade to lvl 2 or 3 has an advantage in terms of TTK which i don’t particularly enjoy.

  • If you want to do this, stick with variables like reload speed, magazine size, ammo capacity in inventory, tracers, muzzle flashes, and recoil. These are things that are manageable and more skill reliant for players, not a straight up nerf to guns’ power to facilitate an upgrade system. Reward the player without punishing others. This will make it feel much more like a performance bonus than a power spike. The way it works now in combination with the shield and armor changes make the TTK much too high until lvl 3. TTK should be consistent throughout the match in terms of individual bullet damage and placement.

  • Upgrades that affect ADS attributes don’t really make sense and those variables should be affected by attachments rather than the weapon. This makes a disadvantage possible based on scrap performance rather than choice of attachment.

  • Upgrades restricting scope usage are quite unsavory. First of all they should have been listed under the scrap section of the patch notes, not at the bottom, but that is of least importance. If you find an attachment, i think you should be able to use it. Attachment inventory is too limited to require carrying around something you can’t use until you get a weapon to lvl 3, and detracts from the overall gameplay. Reduce the rate at which they spawn and make them harder to acquire that way. It’s not fun to scrap 20 of them before you can use 1, and it currently means less potential spawns for loot that is actually useful early game. Also, limiting both damage output and sight upgrades with scrap in tandem really exaggerates issues with this. Not only will headshots do less damage, it’s harder to even hit a headshot from a longer range when limited to iron sights, red dots, and holos.

  • I heard that the ctrl + click shortcut for scrapping was being removed, so thank you because i hate it. It wasn’t mentioned in the patch notes so i had no idea it was a thing, and repeatedly scrapped my weapons, sometimes leaving me with just a knife mid-game. I had no idea what was happening for a while. Ctrl is my hold crouch button… i like the shortcut idea, but why would anyone think of that as a good key to use for it? A scrap keybind would be nice if customizable, but not like this please.

  • Stats? I realize we never really had concrete numbers on the variables of the guns, but if you are going to implement a system that upgrades them you should probably consider releasing more detailed stats on exactly what numbers change and by how much to give players a clearer picture of the ‘levels’. Not just the damage and bullet velocity type numbers, but scrap values as well. Does scrapping a lvl 2 or 3 weapon grant more scrap than a basic lvl 1 loot spawn? Or is that just wasteful and the scrap is lost?

Armor & Shield Changes

  • I like having armor by default. It helps with TTK and means much less loot to search for and manage each game, while allowing for more guns to spawn in place of armor. Armor also looked real weird just laying about randomly, all bulky and such.

  • I like the regenerative shield, but i feel like either the time it takes to begin regenerating, or the speed of regeneration should be adjusted. Ten seconds would seem a reasonable delay, but the shield recharges so slowly.

  • Shield seems a bit too strong although we have no info on other classes to compare it to

  • Having the shield still visible on the player model seems unnecessary. It makes everyone so much more visible throughout the map. It wasn’t such a big deal when you had to find them because although it still affected visibility it was something you could consider a trade-off for having the shield in the first place. Now just having everyone bright blue seems silly. Remove this, and add a visual effect of a shield barrier breaking around the player when it is depleted instead. This will allow for much better gameplay while still allowing a visual cue for when a shield takes a hit as well as when it breaks and a player is vulnerable.


Given that you are releasing ‘gadgets’ for various classes that all do some unique things, i believe this calls for additional info to be available in-game for exactly what they do and how to use them. Standard guns are straightforward for people as we know they typically shoot bullets and penetrate things. When we start delving into things like plasma launchers and shields i believe it will need some more clarification to understand fully. For example, in overwatch you press F1 for info on hero abilities. Something like this for class characteristics would be good to have. I also hope to see it listed in the inventory in some way for the future.

That’s all for now. Took a while to put into words, but i wanted to express my thoughts in the hopes it will help with improvements to design in one way or another. You guys have good intentions and are doing some cool things, but i think you need to think through the execution and design more carefully. Fun is key, don’t over-complicate things! If you made it through this post than i appreciate your time considering my feedback. I’ll certainly keep playing this game and i hope others will as well, however the current iteration of some new features have made me enjoy it less than i did previously. I understand things will be improved and that developing games is challenging and takes time and lots of iteration. Perhaps more iteration on things is needed prior to going live though. Never be content with an idea no matter how good it is initially; try alternatives, find maximum fun.


I agree with your weapon upgrade bonuses. Upgrades should not affect TTK or BTK. I would rather have small bonuses that don’t really affect your ‘powerfulness’ in fights. For example, ADS speed bonus, reload speed bonus, extra mag capacity bonus.

I think you are correct in your way of thinking that a Level 3 MK kinda nerfs the Level 1 MK. Small, passive upgrades would still give an advantage, but not necessarily change TTK or BTK in an engagement.

Scrapping items currently, in its state, feels like a bit of a chore. But it is a chore I feel i MUST do in order to stay competitive with any Level 3 weapon I come across in the final zone.