Time to kill is still far too short


Pink, the problem so far with alpha testing is it’s being tested for 50 players, not 100. Let’s start at the advertised “100 player” mark and adjust everything from there.


My point that you don’t understand is that there should be more cover throughout the map. In the final few circles, it’s not uncommon that there is only 1 or 2 good power spots left on the map. Whomever got lucky enough to guess these spots have an incredibly higher chance at winning.

I was talking about the final circle, which is a significant size change from the one beforehand. It is locational and circumstantial, but with the current map layout, if you are lucky enough to already be in the final zone, it’s easy shooting as everyone tries to run in.

Sure the competitive scene keeps the games alive, but all games also need to continue to make sales to improve and maintain its self. I was merely posting one suggestion to cater to casuals. If TTK and recoil is deemed perfect as is, then I suggest this game have a rating based matchmaking system once it develops a large enough player base to support such. In H1 the skill gap is very high, as is IoN’s. I think H1’s F2P would have been significantly more successful if the new players weren’t instantly matched with the players who have been playing since the game was just a mod.


Nah, cover on that ALPHA map is fine. :wink: Could there be more? There could always be more, sure, but it has to be done naturally and organically. IoN has plenty of hills, trees, and rocks for cover, and looks great.

You talk about having a “power spot”. This doesn’t automatically guarantee you the win, and the final circle is always random.

I disagree with the statement that it’s easy to shoot everyone running in. You don’t know they’re in the final circle, anymore than you do. And if they’ve guessed the final location of the circle and are already in it, wow, that’s pretty damn lucky. Strategically, fighting while inside the final circle doesn’t seem all that great when the zone is still collapsing, which is why I never do it, because you know people are making their way to you. The final location of the zone has never been an issue to me or my duo partner. Plus, it makes games go at a quicker pace. Games never last more than 13 minutes.

The TTK and recoil is perfect. I agree with having a ranking system, for sure. But the only reason they’re getting matched with good players is because 1) there is no ranking system and 2) there’s a very small pool of players. You can lose a game taking 5th place, and get matched with the same guy you lost against because the matches go so fast.


you have to look at big esports games like halo which the time to kill is longer which takes more hitting shots and learning recoil patterns. increasing the time to kill would make the game have a bigger skill gap and expose the people who cannot hit shots which would make the game more competeitve. and you would have longer gunfights so it would be more intense. the way the game is now its just melt or be melted and whoever gets the first shot always wins unless they are a potatoe. just putting in my 2 cents.


Thank god this isn’t Halo. Halo is slow, methodical, and not a battle royale game. I want a fast paced game where I’m not team shotted and can wipe a team if I’m good enough.


im talking about the time to kill not the concept off the whole game. still keep everything the same and fast pace like you like it. just increase the time to kill, do you know what im saying or just skimming through something and making a inaccurate assumption on a game that you were not good at?


Maybe you should read my other posts, instead of skimming them.


TTK is way too short for a fast paced game like this, it’s the same with recoils… there is almost none. You can be fully armored and someone can kill you with a 3 ar bullet burst from 100+ meters away… since he can land almost all bullets to your face with this recoil… It’s just… meh … no counter play… not fun at all…


granted i didnt get to play the game yet but through many hours of watching streams it became fairly obvious that the recoil on the weapons is way too easy to control. I agree with the point that bursting someone easily 100m away isnt something that should be done easily but it seems like it is right now. if armour actually doesnt reduce incoming damage as much then i’d suggest that every piece of armour reduces incoming dmg by a bit so it takes 1-2 more bullets to kill someone. that would make armour actually useful and increases TTK. headshots should be the way to go to blast someone away (especially with sniper rifles) imo


Locking this thread as we are already looking at TTK changes. Thanks for your input!