Time To Kill Way Too Low


I know that I am not alone in thinking that the recent time to kill changes are a little bit ludicrous. I understand that IO9 is a very pace oriented game but the recent deduction in damage needed to kill takes a lot of the competetive aspect out of the game for me and many people I have talked to. Lately I have been dying in split seconds to complete body shots. It makes the headshot reward nearly useless and gives a player that may be better little to no chance to defend himself if he is put in a tough situation. I have found that my win rate has gone way down, and I have been dying to much less skillfull players with a spray and pray mentality rather than skillfully crafted headshots of last week. If anything I thought that the TTK should have been increased rather than decreased. This in addition to the recent arm damage update makes gunfights last split seconds. Thanks for hearing me out. -Soundcloud guy


feeled the same, specially the Sniper is mostly useless. Cause of low Recoil in ACOG and High Damage on Range with Assault Rifles. Thats my feeling right now, but it was on NA Servers with 200ms so dunno how it is with 40ms


New TTK is awful. The previous was already too short, but now it’s ridiculous.


I’d agree, the longer the engagement the better. More chances to outplay, react, and just fight in general. Instead of you know, getting one tapped from an unknown direction after not seeing anybody for 2 circles lol.


The thing is, the fun part about the game is shooting at things and preferably hitting them.

With a short ttk, these fights last mere seconds. It’s frustrating from a standpoint that the gunplay in ion feels amazing, but even in the short 10 minute games, I’m only fighting for a very small portion of it. I would love to see more extended engagements.