Uhh. the hell is wrong with the ranking system?


Can someone explain to me how a diamond 2 player gets 6 kills finishes 9th and gets -2? And then can someone explain to me how the very next game the diamond 2 player gets 3 kills and gets shot in the back and loses -7? Also can someone explain to the same diamond 2 player that just got 10 kills in 3rd place and gets a measly +5 points? Is this game trying to tell me to derank? Just last night the diamond 2 player was diamond 4 ranking up by upwards of 17 points a win with just 4 kills.


I think it depends what ranks you kill and what rank kills you. If you get killed for example by a silver you will lose a lot.


Your ranking is based on your performance in game, then compared to the average rank of the playerbase of that game.

Considering you’re playing at a level higher than the average player, there is quite a good chance that you we’re grouped with Gold’s/lower Elo - Due to the current player counts in regions. Which will either not reward you, or see you as playing in lower elo and attempt to correct it.

This is simply how I understand the system. :unicorn:

For more info:

And more information based on the latest updates


Yea I get that, I guess I should just not care too much about ranking until it’s more set in stone. It’s just that it’s very discouraging seeing hard work with 10 kills only give you 5 points and unlucky deaths is -7 in a few seconds.


Yea… ranks right now should be taken with a grain of salt. With the low player numbers, you are most likely going to run into a lot less skilled players and suffer more in losses.


For sure. With the current numbers and priorities of the game doesnt allign with the competative aspect of ranking up etc.

Although, I might add - The ranking system has already been updated once due to thresholds being harder to achice than originally anticipated, so it’s served it’s purpose once already.

I know it is hard, but try and look past your ranking for now. Enjoy the fact your already above the average player (Pleb gold 4 here). :unicorn: