Urgent, Please Help


Ok so I bought “Islands Of Nyne” a while back and downloaded it but now it’s completely disappeared and when i go to try and re-download it, it tell me I have to pay for it again…? Any clue as to how or why this is happening? Please help.


Hey DriedB0nEz,

The one that disapeared may have been your Alpha copy. Be sure to check your email address for the Esrly Access key which might be located in your spam or promotions folder.


Look I know I bought the game because I bought it with 2 other friends and I did check my email and I think I screwed up and got rid of it along with a bunch of other stuff. It doesn’t matter anymore I don’t even care now. It is what it is, I’m not gonna purchase it again after I just paid for it once. Even my friends who still have their copies don’t know why I lost mine out of nowhere. Whatever though I’m over it, good luck with your game, I’m not re-purchasing.


Well okay then, good luck in life.

Should have kept better tabs on your eMail account.

Not sure what you meant by stating you screwed up by getting rid of it and then stating your friends are confused because you don’t have it. The eMails were sent.

This is also the purpose of a receipt, it’s a proof of purchase and when it happened. Show the staff your proof of purchase.


You said you ‘think you screwed up’.

To be fair, this is nobody’s issue to rectfiy except your own. You cannot get mad and respond with ‘whatever, i’m not repurchasing, i don’t care’ as if to insinuate it’s the fault of the Devs or ION.

Maybe you could check with Steam customer support. You said you bought the game, so there would be a record of your purchase on your Steam account.

When did you buy the game? what date?

There was a free to play weekend which MAY have removed the game from your account when the trial period was over. Maybe this is the issue?


What’s done is done I’m well over it.