Visibility of players in general


Hello there!

Just wanted to know if people agree with me that it’s sometimes really hard to see enemy players in the dome. For example if people are on some kind of rock the textures almost look the same.


Hey janekay,

I personally haven’t had too much of an issue with seeing players. I’d love to hear some feedback from others regarding this though.


Are you at 100% render scale? I know things start the blur when you’re not at 100% or 1080p :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have an issue with seeing people, just my two cents.


100% scale textures on high etc. Maybe it’s just me being used to better graphics or so, but ty. No hate ofc


Generally speaking, I don’t have an issue with visibility. But there are a couple textures that players do seem to blend in with. The walls at beam, for example, or darker colored rocks.


That’s exactly what I’m talking about.