Ways to Increase Player Count and Future of the Game?


Currently, I am loving IoN. I feel the game has extreme potential and I want to continue to play this game. However, I see the player count slowly dropping. This is kind of disheartening when I want to get good at this game, however, less and less people are playing. The game obviously doesn’t cater to casual players but I still feel it deserves a much higher player base. From being in the community for a little while, I’ve heard repeated concerns and suggestions on how to increase the player count. The one I hear the most is to decrease the $25 price tag. I personally think this a fair price for the game but I continuously hear that the price tag is concerning for new people to try out the game. I have also heard that free to play weekends could possibly help. This would allow people to try the game and see how great of a game it actually is without risking the $25 price tag. Obviously none of us are experts or understand the decisions that are made for this game, but I am also curious on the route the game is being taken. I feel most of the community is curious on ways that are being taken to increase the player count of this amazing game because it really does deserve more appreciation.


Currently the Devs have indicated that their intention for the early access is to iron out bugs and optimisation before releasing this beast into the big bad world. They wouldn’t have gone into this without a plan. Trust the developers.

Currently there has been no advertising/marketing and streaming partners are only just being released, take this as a positive sign.

All in all, you love the game. I also love the game. Many people love the game and want it to succeed. You know who loves the game more than us, the players? The people who have spent years developing up till this point.

Trust the development team, they have a plan and they’ve done wonders to bring this game to this point. You’ll know once marketing starts. :unicorn:


I think you might find that the concurrent player count has more to do with the current state of the game than the price.

Lowering the price would likely encourage people to buy, but the player turn over is still going to be high.

I think the devs are correct in working on bugs, performance and some balance before working on player count.

Some extra content might be nice too.


This whole “Trust the devs” thing always gives me bad vibes.
I am a marked child in that regard and truth be told, devs are usually not that smart in understanding their playerbase up to the point in which when they finally do, its pretty much too late.
I have not only seen but experienced this a few times myself.
So far however most things i saw were good and that makes me stay in track.
So far so good guys.


I agree with all the above said. Honestly, I am not too worried with trusting the devs because so far I feel they have done their best to improve the game. I don’t see this team as being greedy or what not so I do see a hopeful future, I hope they try to really expand this game. I like all the feedback and gives me more optimism to grind the game!


The game is still under development. (Early Access)

So the game has no ads yet.


Bring the game to consoleS! I know, I know, PC Master Race and all that, just buy a pc! Trust me, I’d love to! Unfortunately, it just isnt in the financial cards at the moment. Also, Ive heard rumors of console exclusivity (if/when it comes) which I think would be a huge mistake. I get why consoles tey to get exclusivity, but from the games perspective, i think its a terroble move. It cuts your potential player base in half and my personal experience and I think most people would lean this way… if a game is exclusive to XBox but I am a ps4 player, I am much more likely to just be disappointed that the game isnt on my console then go purchase that console at however many hundred $ for that one or even 2 or 3 games. And really, the dev team making that extra money from console players (mostly kids, who love spending their parents money) helps everyone, Including the master race… :yum:. The FAQs of the game does say they are already working on console ports but it seems like a lot of games say this and never do, or do it WAY later after yhe hype has died down and dont do nearly as well as they could have, or my least favorite, base a console release dependant upon the amount of success the pc version has. I feel like the extra exposure from all platforms help each other succeed, amd it certainly cant hurt. I cant tell you how many games Ive seen and was ready to purchase, or had a friend tell me about, Only to find put we play on differemt platforms and the game isnt available on mine. Anyway, sorry so long, I know most of u pc guys wont nother readong once u see console, but just my two cents! Hope i get to play this masterpiece in the not so distant future.