Weapon level system destroy my gameplay (hitreg issues maybe)


i am from SA and playing with 200ms and this level weapon system destroy my possibilities in the game, now i have three enemies

1st - ping
2nd - low damage in stock weapons
3rd - enemies shooting me
4th - hitreg works very bad for me, i check old records and 40% of my hits they disappeared

is stressful play for me in this moment, i enjoy last games (previous patch) at least he had some chance against the enemies, that surely if he killed them say : oh you are a high pinger lagged (bad loser excuse), they have no idea what it is to play this way, it really was hard for me to play in the past, because I like the game, maybe should adjust damage values


Unfortunately, a fast paced FPS game with 200ms of Ping is never going to be a good experience.

Your situation is due to low player-count and the lack of SA servers available to you, not hit reg or bullet damage values.