Weapon Spawn Randomness


If this game is aiming for a competitive gamer, how does it handle the randomness of the Battle Royale genre? Its really hard to be competitive when weapon locations and spawns are random. RNG doesnt translate well in competitive multiplayer (hearthstone is the exception to the rule, not the standard.)


This issue has been discussed in almost every Battle Royale game to date. While back in the H1Z1 and very early PUBG days I think this argument had some merit. I don’t believe it does anymore. For a game to be competitive, it doesn’t need to remove EVERY single RNG factor. Also, the very nature of the Battle Royale game mode is RNG. No one is saying BR games are completely competitive, but you can’t make one completely competitive without removing what truly makes a BR game a BR game.

It’s a good argument to have in any BR game I believe. However, I disagree with the implementation of it.


I agree, everyone’s talking about how a random style game shouldn’t be random so it can be competitive whereas they should be saying it can’t be (eSports) competitive because it’s a random style game. At least this is the way I see it. Just adding to what you were saying.