Weekly scrims


I’ll be hosting weekly IoN scrims starting next week, as of right now it’s going to be every Wednesday and Friday at 3pm est (we’ll start earlier if there’s enough on before 3pm).
So if you want to play IoN with more than the average player per match then this would be my best solution for it, at least until the content update. I have talked with tomble and I’m probably going to use the same discord as he’s using for the unofficial tournaments, this way you’ll get info about both the same place, it’s not a 100% sure yet, I’m on vacation so we haven’t talked muck about it yet. But here’s the link for his discord, even if I’m not going to use it I would still recommend people who wanna play to you it. —> https://discord.gg/Jt7HKEU <----
When I get home I’ll post more info on this, just trying to reach out to as many as possible, let’s get some 50 man games going!


Have these been happening?


Yes, I even added Monday to the mix, we got some good games going, feel free to join the discord and get the role, we’ll be playing solo tomorrow at 3PM EST


I’m in tomorrow


joined discord ill try to be on a little early


where is everyone?


Are you on the discord? That’s where we queue up together