What ? the OPEN TOURMENTS has been already finish ?!?!


Holy …
I register and wait the mail or someway tips me .
and when i saw someone doesn’t recive e-mail , i checked my email box spam ,and here is a mail tell that,

  1. the game changed to SQUAD (4ppl in a team )
  2. the game will begin at Dec 1st ?

Qualifiers will be held on Saturday Dec 1st and the Finals match will be held on Sunday Dec 2nd

Now i dont know i have the chance to play the tourment,
and it’s hard for me to view esl play website in china .


Next time around, keep tabs on the official discord server and the #announcements channel. It’s a good place to get up to date information.


feel bad to hear that .

we cannot use discord in our location .
as a match host , they need use all of the way to notice ppl who participate in events imo.

At least a confrim e-mail had been required .
no chance to play together with you , but keep going Define Human


Oh wow, interesting. What location are in?