When is the next key wave?


I have been trying to get a key since last year
& I am wondering when the next wave will take place ,
Very excited to play this amazing looking fps.
Any info is appreciated , thank you .


Yeess, I want so bad to buy this game but they won’t allow me to buy it!! Please release more keys <3


I seriously want a key too. Holy, can’t wait to buy this game


They started a survey via E-Mail about the recent state of the game. So my guess is that it will take a few days/weeks for new stuff to come


There will be no more pre-order keys!


Yeah but when will this “Steam Early Acess” be available?


There hasn’t been an announcement yet.


I will be watching the steam store closely , I have never seen a new game clam up they keys like these guys , You would think it make sense to allow anyone with the money to spend & support they`re new game to be able to play it , If the game has potential to have hundreds of thousands of players online playing it when it is released it only makes sense to stress test the network now & keep new customers happy


I understand the developers want to release a game that they can feel proud of, but isn’t that kind of the point of an Early Access game? To let us playtest and help you work out the bugs?

makes sense to stress test the network now & keep new customers happy

I agree. Too many times new games release and are unplayable because “servers are experiencing an unexpected high volume of players” or some other nonsense.

Let’s hope these developers don’t kill their own hype.


i am already moving on , Far cry 5 looks like more fun & will be available to everyone in all fairness , Seems Islands of Nyne we are not good enough for them


Sorry to hear that.

I just wish they were a little more transparent with their plans, goals, need-to-do lists, bugs still needing attention, etc, so we had an idea of what to expect for the future of IoN. Posting 3 minute edits of alpha gameplay and then going radio silence for weeks, especially this early in game development is kind of disheartening. Are they so busy they can’t give us weekly updates? And if so, they better get used to it because it’s only going to get harder if they ever do release it to Steam.


This game looks awesome, but I think the devs are going to kill it, I don’t understand all this hold-up in releasing more keys, everyone wants to buy, they will have money for servers, I don’t understand…


I feel like ive been waiting an eternity to buy this game. I just want to try it out. Look like a fast and fun FPS.


come on devs … we need a new announcement about future plans !!!