When will keys be sold again?


Hello There. First of all, excuse me if me english is bad, i’m not a native english speaker.

To present myself since it’s my first topic here, i’m TheSunRyze, a 20 years old gamer who plays fps games since his 10 years old. Since the release of The Culling, i’ve been very interested by the battle royal genre but the actual games don’t attract me a lot, I play Fortnite, but PUBG is definitely not my cup of tea.

Islands of Nyne has been a surprise for me, i found a video 2 days ago on youtube and this game looks amazing. I love the atmosphere, it feels like a mix of Halo and Hunger Games, pretty sick!

Anyways, I’d like to know if there’s a known date for the next bundle sell ? I’m so hyped for this game, can’t wait to try it with my duo teammate!


Hello TheSumRyze

I simply refer to pinkgasm at this point in another thread. :slight_smile:

Steam ultimately controls the number of keys available, not us. Unfortunately, when the pre-orders sold out, we actually ran out of keys. There simply isn’t anything we can do at this point.

However, there will be one final chance to purchase the skins, crates, and release version of the game once we go to Steam Early Access. There is no available date for this to happen, but we’re working endless hours to make sure it happens soon!

So you have to wait for the game hits Early Access…


OK, thanks for the answer!
Kinda sad tho…