When will you fix the most common loading screen freeze glitch/bug ?!?!?


Tilte!! It has been 2 months since i bought this game and i have 14+ hours in it, and those hours are spent only trying to get into a lobby!


What are your system specs?

edit I looked into your previous posts and you are using a machine that is under the minimum system requirements.


And what if i have low end pc? That changes nothing… everyone should and must be able to play it even with their low end pcs… this is unfair to those who had low ends and bought this game… you guys are such a freaking liars!!


I have the same problem when starting game

My Computer:
GTX 1050 4gb
Ram 8gb


No, you should have checked whether you have the minimum requirements or not. Game companies don’t have to think about low end pc users. Think before you wrote something pls. You can still try to refund it through steam tho.


Minimum ram requirements are 12gigs. You don’t have enough ram to load the map. You can get around it by enabling pagefiles which is posted here https://steamcommunity.com/app/728540/discussions/0/1710690176752882675/


I know right cant fix something that legit doesnt let you play the game. Just sad. The games dead anyway becuase of the developers so ig u could say thats karma at work


lol you should go play console. apparently u dont want read up on the requirements and background.

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