Why is the game always sold out


When is the game going to actually be purchasable? I’ve come back to the main page at least 200 times in the past few months just trying to catch when you guys weren’t “out of stock” on DIGITAL ITEMS (makes no fucking sense, why limit the amount of people wanting to test your game for you)


Maybe the server infrastructure is not ready for thousands or millions of players.

Keep in mind that the game is still in development and if you do not limit the number of players it can quickly lead to a shitstorm, because not everything works as expected. Many players expect a perfectly running game, even if it is still in the alpha phase.

It’s annoying to wait, but we can not change that.


Steam ultimately controls the number of keys available, not us. Unfortunately, when the pre-orders sold out, we actually ran out of keys. There simply isn’t anything we can do at this point. :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, our server provider Blue Fang is absolutely capable of handling exponentially more players. If we could get more people in the game, we most certainly would.

However, there will be one final chance to purchase the skins, crates, and release version of the game once we go to Steam Early Access. There is no available date for this to happen, but we’re working endless hours to make sure it happens soon! :grinning:


Steam ultimately controls the number of keys available, not us. Unfortunately, when the pre-orders sold out, we actually ran out of keys. There simply isn’t anything we can do at this point. :slightly_frowning_face:

As a fellow developer with a game on steam, I’m going to have to call BS on this. I could be wrong, but I really do not believe that I am. Did you ask on the steam partner discussion boards?

I’m looking at my own app atm, and I can set the number of keys, unless I’m just blind.

That said, steampipe sucks dick and is difficult to get it to do what you want without sacrificing a small goat, so maybe you’re seeing something different than I.

Ask on the partner community boards. Usually the steam devs are fairly quick to respond.


I’d like to know why it’s so hard to get into this game as well. Plus (that’s just maybe what I’m seeing) I can’t even find games with full 50 people in it.
edit: on streams, I don’t own the game obviously


I thought one of the reasons to offer these special skins in this early phase is that once the game releases generally those rewards are no longer available which is what makes them something special.

Are you saying that once the game becomes purchasable by an unlimited number of people these rewards will still be available?


How many years has your game been in development? How many thousands upon thousands of keys have you requested during those years? Do you really believe that this well never runs dry?

I can understand the frustration with key unavailability, but there’s really no reason to naysay when there is no possible way to have all the information.


Roughly 9 years and the game hit steam in 2014.

It’s possible I’m wrong, but I don’t remember there being a finite amount of keys at any point?

This may not be a super popular idea, but I think that in addition to steam, you guys should consider itch.io as a distribution service. As far as I can tell (my game is on itch as well), it has all the same capabilities as steam and the build and push process via butler is infinitely better. I don’t think steampipe has seen a meaningful update in decades, which would explain why it’s process sucks so badly.

But yes, please check out itch. It ofc caters to smaller development teams, but it is perfectly capable of handling a prime AAA game and something like ION perfectly. You would also benefit form the “I hate steam” crowd that exists.

It should be noted that you can push itch and steam builds from the exact same folder location, because the end result and how it interacts with the end user machine is nearly identical (itch uses the new toml format to define launch params, but the toml doesn’t interfere with steam whatsoever).

Worth a look at any rate <3