World design, Map design, and a sci-fi aesthetic- a suggestion


Hello there, take this as a bit of a question and a suggestion.
Keep in mind this is just my opinion, so take it as such, and is probably pretentious at the least. Some may find these opinions as somewhat demeaning to the dev team. I do not intend to insult the devs here. You all are super talented, these are just my opinions and I hope you can take it as a critique.

Starting with the good here -
What I’m reading on the Trello board places some faith in me that the dev team is starting to really put together a more coherent and in theme product, something I think that has been lacking from not just IoN but many other BR games. The ones that do accomplish this tend to be boring, modern games and I hope to see IoN embrace the sci-fi themes even harder and come out with a unique take on the BR genre in not just mechanics but overall world design.

And the bad -
While the story of having aliens ripping monuments from Earth’s past and making humans fight around them is unique, it isn’t exactly inspiring for players. It all just feels like a jumbled mess of random human architecture. Frankly the world design just doesn’t fit with the game and feels like a excuse to not be creative in this regard.

Some ideas -
What I would like to see is IoN fully embrace the sci-fi here.
Currently what I see is sci-fi, but barely.
From weapon design down to level design you should shoot the player literally in the face with “THIS IS NOT GENERIC MODERN BR GAME!” (I said that with a Russian accent in my head. I don’t know why.)

A Path - To The Future!
There isn’t a truly sci-fi BR game on the market.
Perhaps even add in some elements from other fast paced FPS titles, like Quake or Unreal Tournament. Imagine if the map was a large alien (actually alien) world, with areas that where designed like UT maps, with jump pads and speed boosts or teleporters for making it faster to move around the map, and crazy fun weapons. You don’t have to get too crazy with it - you don’t want it to come off as goofy - but sci-fi it up a bit more. Seeing the alien concepts on Trello tells me the dev team is capable of this if just given the direction to do so

This is all just my opinion though, maybe the community doesn’t want this, I do not know, but I don’t see how embracing a more boring world design helps. Perhaps I just want a game that isn’t what the devs envision, it’s their game after all, but I hope this post put forth some ideas.


Level design is spot on and balanced in my opinion. Keeps it interesting, not nearly as much reuse as in other games. Not to keen on the sci-fi aspect myself - I agree that they can take it further, but only a little bit :blush:


In another thread the lead LD said a lot of the current map is placeholder. It isn’t that the design is bad, I’m just not a fan of the whole time travelling aliens stealing monuments theme. I think it needlessly limits what the team can do with their maps. It also doesn’t feel like any of it belongs.

You could take that idea though and amplify it to make it all feel more coherent. For example making the stolen architecture obvious alien copies as if they were created specifically as part of a battle arena for humans.

Another thing that bugs me is the UI design. It looks awesome, but again doesn’t fit. The retro neon sci-fi aesthetic is cool, and I kind of see a similarity with the glowing parts of the weapons, but as I said it doesn’t fit. I believe if IoN picked a theme and let it inform all of their design it would make the game feel more whole and appeal to more players. The UI color and design reminds me of The Future War Cult faction from Destiny. Imagine if IoN took that retro color scheme and design. Some may even call it unique. All of these opinions may be Moot though if I just haven’t given the small Dev team enough time to really develop the look for the game. Still, some things to think about.


Yeah we’re pretty much on the same page in that regard